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         ife gets noisier every day and very few people can be free from noise:of some sort or another.  It doesn't matter where you live   in the middle of a modern city, or a faraway village   the chances are that you'll be disturbed by jet airplanes, transistor radios, oil-powered engines, etc. We seem to be getting used to noise, too.
     Some people feel quite lonely without background music while they're working. Scientific tests have shown that total silence can be a very frightening experience for a human being. However, some people enjoy listening to pop music which is very loud, and this can do harm to their eardrums.
The noise level in some discos is far above the usual safety level for heavy industrial areas.
     One recent report about noise and concentration suggested that although lots of people say that noise disturbs their concentration, what really influences their ability to concerttrate is a change in the level of noise. It goes on to say that a background noise which doesn't change too much (music, for
example) may even help people to concentrate.